Lightning Talks







Bradley Schaefer

The RSpec team has secrets. Dark secrets. Magic that only we know in order to write tests better than anyone else. I will share with you some of those secrets so that you too can write amazing tests with RSpec.

Re-evaluating Value

Tad Thorley

How we consider value isn’t always accurate. I’m going to provide another perspective.

How to Play D&D;

Jeremy Flores

I wanna bring my love of table top games to a new generation. Forget video games and MMORPG’s. Let’s get old school with dice and our imagination.

How to be a great developer

Ben Eggett

Focusing on: – Practice Empathy – Practice Humility – Always be learning – Avoid Tribalism – Better your community

Crystal Language – friendly, static, modern, compiled

Adrian Madrid

A quick introduction to the Crystal Language –

Practical Use of Minitest-Bisect

Allen Maxwell

Real Life usage of the minitest-bisect gem to solve a sporadic test failure

From bootcamp to career

Joey Ferguson

I get a lot of questions about breaking in to a career after a bootcamp. I’ll talk about what it really takes to become a solid programmer after a bootcamp and describing an ideal candidate in hiring a bootcamper.

Community with Ruby

Stefan Hennings

How to build an online community – showcase

IR Everywhere

Nick Howard

Bytecode doesn’t bite.

Gate Keeping should be easy

Isaac Sloan

If you like the straight forward and effective nature of Strong Parameters and suspect that cancan might be overkill for your project then you’ll love Petergate’s easy to use and read action and content based authorizations.

In Search of the Unattainable

Andrew Butterfield

This talk highlights a few of the reasons that I think get in the way of us achieving what we perceive to be unattainable.

Managing Gem Releases

Thomas Witt

We’re a 25 person team working on regular releases of our SDK, which is a delivered as a Ruby Gem. This lightning talks describes how we organize our work, which tools we use and some practical recommendations.

Hiring junior developers makes you faster and stronger

Bracken Mosbacker

“We’re only hiring seniors right now.” Everyone wants someone else to turn all the juniors into seniors. When you let that happen, you’re missing out on the great benefits you gain by continually hiring new developers.

Turning up the logging level

Dennis Stevense

Since mindfulness meditation has come up several times this morning, I thought it might be good to give a brief talk about it and guide a 3 minute meditation. I’m a registered yoga instructor and will be referring to the book Search Inside Yourself by Meng Tan.

On punchlines and silly hacks

Matthew Nielsen

Why can you only use integers as array indexes in Ruby? What if you didn’t have to?

What can you learn when you just go ahead and try something silly?