5K Run

The second annual MWRC 5K Run will be held at 7:00 AM Friday morning at Liberty Park. All levels of experience are welcome, from couch potatoes and seasoned runners. Stay up to date by following the [#mwrc5k] hashtag.

Posted 11 Mar 2011

The Hackfest Returns!

You love it, you want it back, and Engine Yard is making it happen! We are happy to announce the Hackfest is back this year. Plan on spending your Thursday evening in a sea of friends and code. You might consider joining the Facebook Event while you are at it.

Posted 10 Mar 2011

Sold Out!

We are sold out! Well, we are more than sold out. We oversold by 10%, which means we are absolutely, positively, completely full. Registration is now closed, for reals this time. However, there are still some spaces for the training on March 16th. A full day of professional training for $75 is a killer deal.

Register Now!

Posted 09 Mar 2011

Announcing Bronze Sponsor TrueCar

We are excited to have TrueCar as a new Bronze Sponsor!


Posted 08 Mar 2011

Announcing Hackfest presented by Engine Yard

We are super pleased to announce Engine Yard is returning again this year as our Hackfest Sponsor this year! The hackfest will run Thursday evening.

Engine Yard

Posted 11 Feb 2011

Announcing Silver Sponsor AT&T Interactive

ZOMG GOOD MORNING! We SO EXCITED to have AT&T Interactive returning as a Silver Sponsor!

AT&T Interactive

Posted 03 Feb 2011

Say "Hello" to Wayne E. Seguin!

We have a slight schedule change. We are happy to announce that Wayne E. Seguin has joined our schedule with the session, "Ruby.is_a?(Community) # => true". Wayne is a long time attendee and we are really happy to have him speaking again this year.

Posted 01 Feb 2011

Announcing Sticker Sponsor Sticker Mule

The good folks at Sticker Mule are our Sticker Sponsor! So you know what that means, right? Stickers! And who doesn't love stickers?


Posted 31 Jan 2011

Announcing Training Day from Obtiva

We are happy to announce that Obtiva, our Gold Sponsor, is holding a Training Day just before MWRC! Training Day will be held on Wednesday, March 16 at the downtown Hilton. It includes the courses "Improve Your Ruby Skills" and "Get Started With TDD in a Legacy Environment" and is taught by Noel Rappin, author of the upcoming Rails Test Prescriptions book. But best of all its just $75! The training is limited to just 60 attendees, so register now!

Posted 27 Jan 2011

Announcing Bronze Sponsor Stackable

We are happy to announce Stackable as a Bronze Sponsor! Welcome!


Posted 21 Jan 2011

Announcing Bronze Sponsor Tropo

We are happy to announce Tropo as a Bronze Sponsor! Thanks guys!


Posted 11 Jan 2011

Announcing Gold Sponsor Obtiva

We are very happy to announce Obtiva as our Gold Sponsor this year! They have some very big plans for MWRC too.


Posted 10 Jan 2011

Looking for Sponsors

We are on the lookout for new sponsors. If you or your company are interested in attending MWRC, check out the Sponsorship Prospectus and see if we have something that would be a good match for you. And if we don't, contact us and we can try work something out! :)

Posted 09 Jan 2011

Overwhelmed with Proposals!

Wow, we are overwhelmed with the number and quality of proposals submitted this year. Thank you! The Board of Advisors has a difficult task to pare them down. We are selecting proposals this week, and will open registration on (or before) January 17th. Stay Tuned!

Posted 08 Jan 2011
MountainWest RubyConf 2011

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MWRC is a two-day single-track conference for just $100. Come rub elbows with some of the smartest Rubyists in the world.

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March 17-18, 2011
Salt Lake City Public Library
210 E 400 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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