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Platinum Sponsor

Blue Box Group

Web 2.0 Businesses choose Blue Box Group to host their mission critical Ruby on Rail applications because of our commitment to the success of our customers. We demonstrate this commitment in multiple ways:

  • Our services grow with your business. From development work on our virtual server platform, to full-scale rails deployments utilizing 1 to more than 12 servers, we have what it takes to grow with you.
  • We utilize the cutting edge of technology. Our Ruby on Rails dedicated servers provide an elevated level of horsepower. Each server provides a minimum of two dual core processors, providing more than 10Ghz of raw processing power, 2GiB of ram, and hardware based RAID 1.
  • Our support division eats, sleeps and breaths with the success of your business in mind. We strive to be reliable, efficient and accountable when you need help. It is this commitment to you that truly defines our business and why companies choose us over competitors.

We invite you to contact us today to find out what we can do to help you and your business in the web 2.0 world. We have no contracts, so don’t be afraid to try us out.

Gold Sponsors

The Center for Open and Sustainable Learning

The Center for Open and Sustainable Learning (COSL) at Utah State University is a research, development, and service organization that works to increase people's access to educational opportunity by creating and distributing open source software and open educational content. Blah, blah, blah... A bunch of academic sounding jargon, right? COSL is a group that tries to help people get access to the education they want regardless of what barriers stand in their way. We write a bunch of cool open source software (much of which is built on Rails) that support learning literally all over the world (e.g., the UN University uses our software), and develop excellent open educational content (e.g., http://ocw.usu.edu/). We're looking for people interested in open source and education for employment or Masters and PhD work - come visit us at http://cosl.usu.edu/.


Now in our 13th year as a team player. We focus on Ruby on Rails enterprise-class, mission-critical software development for small to medium business and government organizations, and on product development for commercial software firms. Additionally, our U.S. based management, analysts, and architects leverage our offshore development center to bring you best in class solutions at unbelievably low cost. Visit www.SurgeWorks.com or our Ruby on Rails focused specialty practice RubyFirst.com.

Engine Yard

At Engine Yard, we focus on Rails application deployment and operations, so you can focus on developing your app and your business.

We help you scale to hundreds of thousands of users, without hassles.

And we're always here for you, 24/7, by phone or email. Call (866) 518-YARD anytime.


ThoughtWorks, Inc. is a transnational IT professional services firm providing application development and systems integration services to Global 1000 companies. The company's leadership in the practical application of Agile methods on enterprise class projects allows its people to deliver higher quality solutions more quickly and cost effectively, while giving client business leaders greater program and project control. ThoughtWorks' 700 professionals serve clients from offices in six countries including Australia, Canada, China, India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Silver Sponsors

Lanyards graciously provided by Luna Webs and SmoothRails.